Water Hyacinth


AquShiny green leaves with occasional bloom - purple cluster of flowers. These plants have roots beneath them to take in nutrients, while the leaves remain floating above the water. Can float freely in a pond or can use weighted anchors and fish line to hold them to one area.

  • Natural biofiltration and algae control.
  • Spawning area for fish.
  • Provide excellent shade and coverage for fish.
  • Full Sun/Part Shade - Flowering usually requires Full Sun
  • Zone 9

As suggested by its name, water lettuce is a floating pond plant with fuzzy rosettes of leaves resembling heads of lettuce. Each leaf has deep ribs and parallel veins, scalloped edges, and no significant stems. Though not showy, the water lettuce plant does produce small white or pale green flowers hidden in the foliage. It blooms from late summer to late fall.