Sweet Corn Seed Packets - Nirvana


Days to Harvest: 76. Many consider freshly-harvested corn-on-the-cob, served piping hot, lightly seasoned, and dripping with butter to be the most delicious vegetable of all. Kernels are yellow and white, tasty and tender. Serve fresh, or preserve by freezing or canning.

Sowing: Select a sunny location and plant after last frost. Soil should be fertilized with vegetable food and cultivated. To insure good pollination sow seed in blocks of at least 4 rows side by side rather than one long row. For succession, plant every 3 weeks until early summer. Cultivate weekly or mulch to control weeds. Fertilize when plants are 12-18"/30-46 cm. tall.

Comments: Pick when silks turn brown and ears are firm. Test by piercing a few kernels with thumbnail. The skin should be tender and the juice should look "milky". To get the best taste, pick, cook, and eat the same day.