Pine 'Red'


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Pinus resinosa - This pine, native to most of Ontario, does very well in exposed, very cold areas. Pines are fairly fast-growing trees, averaging two to three feet of growth yearly. Prune in June. Use Bone Meal when you first plant. Do not fertilize the first year. Fertilize once a year with a balanced granular fertilizer. Do not plant any deeper than it is in the pot. Do not add any soil or mulch around the base of the stem. Water deeply once a week for about 20-30 minutes whether is rains or not. Plant at least 3-4 feet from any foundation.

Zone 3. 15m x 24m. Cone shaped fruit. Reddish flowers on dark green foliage. Pyramidal with oval crown shape. Full sun. Dry, sandy or stony, acid soil.

Does not attract pollinators. It is pollinated by the wind. Deer resistant.