Oak 'Red'



Quercus rubra - Pinkish leaves when unfolding before turning to dark green. Fast growing. Good specimen for street or landscape use. Native. This is a very slow growing tree and it's root system is shallow staying at 18-24" below the surface but can extend out 30 feet past its canopy. Water deeply for deeper roots. Prune in spring. Use Bone Meal when you first plant. Do not fertilize the first year. Fertilize once a year with a balanced granular fertilizer. Do not plant any deeper than it is in the pot. Do not add any soil or mulch around the base of the stem. Water deeply once a week for about 20-30 minutes whether is rains or not. Plant at least 3-4 feet from any foundation.

Zone 4. 14m x 15m. Acorn fruit. Insignificant flowers on pink to green foliage turning bright red in the fall. Rounded shape. Full sun. Well drained, acid soil.

Attracts pollinators. Not deer resistant.