Premium Worm Castings


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Our odor-free and rich organic premium worm castings are nature’s finest all-organic soil additive. Unlike some castings, ours are dirt free and 100% pure artisanal worm castings. Our castings are double-screened for a 1/8” uniform particle size that is excellent as a soil additive, a top dress or as the perfect component to your compost tea recipe. Our worms are fed a high-quality organic proprietary diet that produces castings that are rich in organic matter. All plants love worm castings, and it is the ideal amendment for all soil types. Our organic premium worm castings are perfect for indoor plants and container gardening.

  • Loosens hard soil and improves aeration
  • May protect against erosion
  • Increases water absorption
  • Raises organic matter content
  • Ingredients: 100% pure organic worm castings