Pepper Seed Packets - Habanero Orange


Days to Harvest: 70. Fruit measure 2.5 cm x 3.75 cm (1" x 1.5") with thin walls. Fruit can be used throughout ripening period. Not all fruit mature to the same colour. Ready-to-eat colours include green , red, yellow and orange.

Sowing: Start seed indoors under lights in late March. Sow seed 6 mm (0.25") deep. Germinate at 26C (80F). Warm and moist conditions are essential for maximum germination. Use a seedling heating blanket for best results.

Comments: A seeds ca also carry the essential heat of the pepper, to avoid transferring capsaicin (the active component responsible for the "heat" sensation) to sensitive parts of your body, we advise washing your hands after dandling both seeds and fruit. SHUnit 250,000.

Approx. 35 sds/pkt.