Wildflowers Seed Packets - OSC Mixture



Perennials and Annuals: Over 20 varieties of annuals and perennials will give you the best of colour and garden performance. Perennials will bloom continually from the second season on. Many annuals will reseed themselves.

Sowing: Plant in sunny, well drained warm soil. Loosen soil with rake or hoe. Mix seeds with a cup of sand or other inert material and broadcast over 3 square metres. Lightly rake seeds into soil or cover with peat moss or similar light mulch. Keep soil moist.

Comments: Contains Baby's Breath, Bachelor Buttons, Black Eyed Susan, Poppy, Catchfly, Chrysanthemum, Plains Coreopsis, Blue and Scarlet Flax, Penstemon, Primrose, Coneflower, Lupines, Daisy and Wallflower.