Bee Pollinator Mix Seed Packets - Perennials & Annuals


Perennial and Annual: We have been losing our bees and other pollination at an alarming rate and need to reverse this trend. You can help by sowing this attractive mix that is beneficial for many important insect pollinators.

Sowing: Plant this mix in a sunny site with well drained warm soil. Lightly rake seeds into the soil or cover with peat moss or similar mulch. Keep soil moist until plants begin to grow.

Comments: Contains New England Aster, Black Eyed Susan, Borage, Butterfly Weed, Corn Poppy, Eastern Columbine, Forget-me-not, Perennial Gaillardia, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Partridge Pea, Perennial Lupins, Purple Coneflower, Mignonette, White Clover and Wild Bergamot.