Mason & Leafcutter Bee House


The Bee Bop Barn can either be hung or sat on any flat surface preferably facing the early morning sun. It can be easily mounted to wall or secure structure using a nail or screw and then insert into keyhole in back of house. The suggested height to hang your house would be between1.5 to 2 meters (5-7 feet) above the ground and this should prevent pests from finding your house. Your house should be located within 30.5 to 91.5 meters (100 – 300 feet) of their pollen source.

Features :

    • Made from beautiful Pine
    • Features a large overhang that helps keep your reeds and especially your bees dry during rain
      Has room to place cocoons in the loft nursery.
    • Size: 23cm length x 19cm width x 16.5cm width (9in length x 7.5in width x 6.5in height)

Your Bee Bop Barn Kit Contains:

    • Bee Bop Barn House
    • 25 Reeds
    • Bee a Combination (10 Mason & 25 Leafcutter Cocoons)