Macrame Plant Hanger Triple vert. 70” Green


This macrame hanger supports three flowerpots. Show love to your plants with this elegant, vintage-inspired double macrame hanger. Simple, yet meticulously handcrafted, this beauty would spruce up your home or balcony garden or brighten up your office. No plant or flowerpot included in this item. Material: cotton, wood beads. Strong and durable. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Pair it with a round or square flower pot to decorate your home. Versatile style that can be hung from a hook on the ceiling or on a wall, such as a wall hanging. This macrame hanger fits 3x6" flowerpots down to 3x4" flowerpots. It can also accommodate a slightly smaller or larger pot. This macrame hanger is an interesting way to display houseplants in any room. Personalize it by adding your succulents, aromatic plants, herbs or even fresh seasonal cut flowers. A versatile style that can be hung from a ceiling hook or a wall like wall hanging perfectly adds texture to any wall in your home. Make your home greener without taking up space on floors or furniture. It is the perfect gift for friends or something special and unique for you.