Leaf Rake, expandable


If the leaf raking duties at your house are shared by folks with varying heights, then a rake with an adjustable handle will reduce back fatigue and complaining. This Telescopic Metal Rake not only has an adjustable handle, but also has an adjustable rake head that can move from eight to 23 inches in width.

Made of lightweight galvanized steel that will not rust, this is a great rake for small urban yards. It is not a good choice for heavy tasks like spreading mulch or dethatching grass but works great for raking leaves. Since the head width can be adjusted, you can get in tight spaces under shrubs and in small garden beds.

The handle adjusts and locks at any length from 63 to 32-inches. This not only makes it more comfortable to use but also reduces storage space. Since it collapses into an 8-inch by 32-inch tool, this rake is great to take along to a campsite to clear away leaves for a tent or campfire.