Haskaps - Berry Blue & Tundra


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Berry Blue:

Berry Blue Honeyberry is a variety of haskap that matures early, and acts as a pollinator for all other varieties of haskaps, while simultaneously producing its own yield. This dense shrub boasts fragrant flowers, followed by large, dark blue edible berries that look like a cross between a blueberry. and a grape.

This University of Saskatchewan introduction is an excellent pollinator for other varieties. Extremely cold-hardy, low-maintenance fruiting shrub, ideal for Northern climates. Small, elongated fruits look similar to a blueberry but have a unique tangy flavor. Requires planting two different varieties for cross-pollination.


Best grouped or massed in a shrub border. Delicious in pies, tarts, jams, and preserves.


Haskap Berry, ‘Tundra’ is a delicious new kind of fruit with a truly unique flavor! The sweet flavor compares to a cross between blueberries and raspberries. Uniquely shaped fruit ripens early (mid-summer). It has excellent health benefits – very high in antioxidants. Bears fruit in 1-2 years. Requires a pollinizer for best fruit production.* Haskap is an exciting new crop for North America.

‘Tundra’ haskap berry plants produce a firm-skinned berry that is easily handled for storage. This is the most suitable variety for commercial production. The firm fruit does not bleed from the stem end when removed from the plant, making the variety suitable for mechanized harvest and freezing. The attractive upright shrub reaches 4 to 5′ x 4 to 5′ at maturity, produces white blooms in the spring, followed by uniquely shaped fruit ripening early (mid-summer). Requires full to part sun. Hardiness zones 2-7

‘Tundra’ is a large, firm selection that is easily handled for storage. Use ‘Berry Blue’ or ‘Honeyberry’ as a pollinizer for this variety. One plant will pollinate up to five females. Will bear fruit in 1-2 years.