Gourds Seed Packets - Caveman's Club


Annual: Gourds up 45cm (18") long have a curved, narrow handle attached to an oblong deeply vined club. The gourds are a dark green, sometimes with lighter green irregular markings. Dry the inedible fruit and use for crafts or birdhouses.

Sowing: Sow seeds outdoors in early June 6-13 mm (1/4-1/2") deep. Sow 8 seeds per hill then thin to the 4 or 5 best plants. Seed can also be started indoors in paper or fibre pots 4 to 6 weeks earlier. Transplant outside after the danger of frost has passed.

Comments: Growing plants on a trellis will help keep the handles straight. Harvest before first frost.

Approx. 10-11 sds/pkt.