Garlic - Music


Garlic - Music is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Music is a porcelain hardneck garlic that is known as the garlic lovers garlic. This hardy variety is popular among growers and chefs alike due to its ease of growing in the garden and ease of use in the kitchen. This garlic can grow very large and generally produces between 4-7 large cloves per bulb.

This sale is for our smaller "culinary" grade garlic, bulbs will be smaller than 1.75" in diameter but will be larger than 1.5" in diameter. These smaller bulbs are perfect for eating, for making your own garlic powder or even for fall planting! If planted to grow into bulbs, in our experience with some patience, the cloves from this smaller size still have the ability to grow into large bulbs in the following years if given the chance to size up. It's all about the size of the clove! On average 1lb will contain 18-25 bulbs (72-88 cloves). Our garlic is tested for disease through the University of Maine Diagnostics lab. Plant with confidence with our disease free seed stock!!!