Double Balcony Pot 12″ – Anthracite


This exceptionally ornamental planter should appeal particularly to all owners of smaller balconies.

The planter is rectangular in shape and has been designed the way that allows to easily and safely mount it on a balcony or terrace railing. Two strong, fail-safe holders allow to install it easily. The middle part of this planter is equipped with a rubber washer that prevents it from sliding over the railing. Even though it has a deep slot running through its entire length, it does not infringe development of the plants, whose root systems will have enough space to grow freely.

This planter is suitable for all railings that are not wider than 6 cm. It looks great on balconies, allows to grow flowers with trailing shoots and does not require much space. Thanks to these features you would be able to fit more pots and planters on balcony floor or arrange the space with some furniture.

Measurements: 12"

Colour: Anthracite