Peashrub 'Siberian'


Caragana arborescens - Very hardy large shrub. Good for hedge, windscreen, or a windbreak where growing conditions are difficult. Withstands pruning. Their roots extend at least twice the length of its branches and grows about 1-3' per year. Prune in spring. Use Bone Meal when you first plant. Do not fertilize the first year. Fertilize once a year with a balanced granular fertilizer. Do not plant any deeper than it is in the pot. Do not add any soil or mulch around the base of the stem. Water deeply once a week for about 20-30 minutes whether is rains or not. Plant at least 3-4 feet from any foundation.

Zone 3. 4m W x 5m H. Upright, oval shape. Bright, yellow flowers in May and June. Pod fruit on light green foliage turning yellow-green in the fall. Full sun. Adaptable soil. 3Gallon.

Attracts pollinators. Deer resistant.