Cantaloupe Seed Packets - Passport Hybrid


Days to Harvest: 80. Enjoying fresh, vine-ripened melon is one of summer's real treats. This delightful fruit requires lots of heat and sunshine to mature to full sweetness. Melons alone are delicious, but they can be stressed up as well. Serve chilled with lemon or lime wedges topped with yogurt, or mix with cantaloupe and watermelon balls for a tasty and attractive salad or dessert.

Sowing: Select a sunny, well-drained location and sow seeds in the late spring when soil has warmed. For an earlier crop, start seeds indoors 4-5 weeks before planting outdoors. For best results, loosen soil with spade or fork, fertilize with vegetable food and smooth with rake. Firm soil over seed and keep moist.

Comments: Keep soil moist and fertilize monthly. Pick when the blossom end is slightly spring when pressed and a sweet aroma develops.

Approx. 10 sds/pkt.