Aimers International Radish German Giant Seed Packet


German Giant Radish. Heirloom vegetable. Variety originated in Germany. Large, rounded red radish growing to 3.75cm (1 ½in) across or more without becoming hollow or pithy. Crimson skin surrounds a crisp mild tasting white flesh. Very fast growing. A suitable plant for the kitchen container garden.

Light Requirement: Full Sun
Planting Method: Direct Seed
Growth Habit: Root Crop
Days to Emergence: 4 - 6
Days to Harvest 29
Height: 7.5 - 15cm (3 - 6in)

Sow early varieties in a sunny site as soon as the ground is workable in the spring. Winter radishes are generally sown in mid-summer. Sow seed every two weeks 12mm (1/2in) deep and about 2.5incm (1in) apart in rows about 30cm (12in) apart. Keep soil evenly moist during germination and growth. Harvest in 3-4 weeks when the roots have reached the size of a large marble. One packet sows approximately 6m (20ft) of row.