Aimers International Onion Welsh Bunching Seed Packet


Variety originated in Russia.

Welsh Bunching Onions are a very hardy, non-bulbing, clump forming member of the onion family. The hollow tube-like leaves have an enticing onion flavour and aroma. Very important in Asian Cuisine. A reliable, self-seeding biennial.

Sowing: Start seeds indoors in a sterile medium 10 weeks before plant out time or direct seed in early spring as soon as soil become workable.

Tips: Use thinnings as spring onions. Often grown as an edible ornamental plant. Bees are attracted by the flowers.

Planting depth: 12.5mm

Seed Spacing: 12.5mm

Thin to: 7.5cm

Row Width: 25cm

Maturity: 65 days