Aimers International Cucumber Japanese Long Seed Packet


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Variety originated in Japan.

Japanese Long Cucumber is a burpless cucumber that produces crisp, easy to digest, non-bitter fruit to 40cm or longer. Fruit is slightly curved with few seeds. Best harvested at 30cm long. For straighter fruit, vigorous growing vines should be grown on a trellis.

Sowing: Sow 6 seeds per hill in a sunny spot when the soil temperature reaches 10-20C or warmer and all danger of frost has passed.

Tips: Well rotted manure or compost dug into the soil prior to planting in beneficial. Keep soil evenly moist.

Planting depth: 20mm

Seeds per Hill : 6 vines/hill

Thin to: 4/hill

Hill Spacing: 150cm

Maturity: 65-75 days