Aimers International Cabbage China Express Hybrid Seed Packet


China Express Hybrid Cabbage. Variety originated in Japan. An early maturing, full-sized Napa-type cabbage. Adapts to a wide range of growing conditions. Attractive, tightly packed barrel-shaped heads weighing around 2kg (4.4lb). Crisp bright white and rich green leaves have a pleasant mild taste.

Light Requirement: Full Sun
Planting Method: Start Indoors
Growth Habit: Head Forming
Days to Emergence: 7 - 10
Days to Harvest 65 - 80
Height: 30 - 35cm (12 - 14in)

Sow seed indoors in a soil-less mix 5 weeks before last frost date. Sow seed 6mm (1/4in) deep and keep at 20 C (70 F) for the 7-10 day germination period. Grow on at a slightly cooler temperature then harden off and plant outside in late May. Space plants 45cm (18in) apart in rows with the rows 75cm (30in) apart.