6"HB Philodendron


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Beautiful and easy to grow Philodendrons are among the most widely grown indoor plants due to their tough nature and tolerance of low light. Their long life expectancy and amazing adaptability to different settings make them very successful houseplants.  Low light tolerant.

The Philodendron cordatum lime is a vibrant and beautiful houseplant. The heart-shaped and bright neon-yellow colored leaves are everyone’s favorite. This plant brightens up any corner of the house. Philodendron cordatum lime is native to the rainforests of South America. With the proper growing condition and care, this is a fairly easy houseplant to successfully grow indoors. This is a vining philodendron that grows very well with the support of a moss pole or just hanging from a basket.

Light: Low – Bright Indirect
Water: 2 – 3  Weeks
Humidity: Normal
Pet Friendly: No