Living Stone - Lithops - 2.5”


It's not just you, these plants look like mini butts. Or brains.

These mini succulents are a nice change from the classic plants that we know and love and they are so fascinating to read about. Do a quick Google search when you get the time. You will have a great time giving these plants a gentle squeeze when you pass by. Lithops produce only one pair of leaves at a time. When a new pair of leaves start growing, the old ones will die off. Don't be surprised when that happens. 

Pet lovers will be happy to know that these plants are non-toxic. 

Like many succulents, these plants like as much direct and indirect light as you can give them, (although over 5-6 hours of direct light may be too much) Light that is too low will result in the plant stretching.

Lithops have a distinct and unique watering schedule you will want to follow. Water them only in the Spring and Fall. Yes, this is odd, but necessary. Water them like a succulent: sparingly, and only if the soil is completely dry, by watering thoroughly until water starts coming out at the bottom. Note: Be sure not to let the plant sit in pooled water as that can cause root rot. DO NOT water in the summer or winter. Counterintuitively, the summer is their dormant period. Keeping the soil bone dry is quite fine, and actually needed during this time. If they happen to get dry wrinkled in the summer, add the slightest amount of water to plump them up. In the winter, they usually grow their new leaves, which take water and nutrients from the older leaves. They therefore do not need any other nutrients/water.