Cacti 2.5" Grafted Assorted


The Grafted Cactus is a beautiful, richly coloured cactus that cannot produce chlorophyll on its own, so they are grafted onto a host cactus for their survival

Type: Houseplant, Cactus
Height: 2in - 4in
Spread: 1in - 3in
Light: Bright
Water: Light
Zone: 9-12
Pet Safe: Non Toxic, minor Puncture threat

General Maintenance: Repot your cactus once it has doubled in size, or each year - whichever comes first. These cacti are very easy to take care of, and appreciate a bright sunny spot and tons of neglect

Temperature:? 0 to 55 degrees Celsius is this plant's hardiness range

Light: These cacti love sunlight, keep within 1m of a South facing window for optimum growth. They can also be kept outdoors in a sunny spot during the summer and hot season. Gradually introduce them to full sun by first putting them in a spot of full shade and move them to a slightly sunnier location every couple of days. These plants are not tolerant of low light

Watering: Cacti are very efficient with water, and store tons of moisture inside their leaves and trunks. Therefore they do not require near as much watering as many other plants. Water when the top 50-70% of soil is completely dry. They will require slightly more water in brighter light and hotter conditions. During the dormant season water once every 2-3 months

Soil: Cacti love a well-draining, dry soil blend. Their roots are sensitive to rot. Any high quality cactus / succulent soil blend will allow these plants to thrive

Fertilizer: These cacti rarely need fertilization, but will benefit from a diluted balanced houseplant fertilizer once every 2-3 months during the growing season