2.5" Succulents Assorted


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--Plant Care--
We’re not kidding when we say succulents are foolproof plants, but there are two key things to consider when bringing them home.

-How much water do they need?-
Not much. A thorough watering every two to four weeks is plenty. Consider factors that affect your home’s humidity, like your local climate and the time of year, when determining a watering schedule for your plant. Succulents will be thirsty in hot summer months, but can go several weeks between watering in winter (their dormant season). The best thing to do is check the soil every few weeks. If it’s totally dried out, go ahead and water. If not, hold off on the extra H2O. The worst thing you can do is OVER water these juicy plants. Resist the urge to douse them once a week like your other house plants.

-How much light do they need?-
Succulents prefer bright filtered light, so if there's an area in your home or office that receives at least some direct or indirect sunlight it will keep the plants healthy and prevent stretching.

-Wait, what about fertilizer?-
Fertilizing isn’t totally necessary, but it will help your slow-growing succulent get bigger more quickly than watering alone. A general purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer will do the trick. Cut it to ¼ strength and use with every watering from March through mid-September.

From the Genus Lithops of the succulent family. This sweet little plant actually resembles a stone. The plant has a smallsplit in the centre where often a small bloom will form over time.

  1. Plant in a coarse soil.
  1. Light: Bright
  1. Water: only when soil is very dry
  1. Low Maintenance

This variety of philodendron is a must-have addition to your indoor jungle. This plant is well known for its stunning heart-shaped, split leaves in a striking deep green colour, that can easily grow to massive widths. Monstera has a tendency to grow out and down, but place a moss-covered poll in the soil and watch in awe as this plant clings to it with aerial roots.