Wood Garden Shelf


Three Tier Self Contained Raised Garden Bed Planter makes it easy for you to have your own vegetable garden without strenuous tilling. The wood, three section bed features three different planting depths to suit the root needs of the vegetables you plan to cultivate. Beds vary from 6" to 11" and almost 16" deep. This self-contained vegetable garden can be placed on your deck or patio or on top of the grass or soil in your yard. Keep it where it will get the desired amount of sun and in easy reach for convenient watering. Just place potting soil into the raised beds along with your seeds or seedlings. This style of gardening requires less water than gardens planted into the ground and is less likely to attract weeds. Because of its design, this planting bed doesn't require as much space as gardens planted into the ground. You can easily reach across the entire bed, so there's no need for creating paths. The self-contained bed's soil will warm up much faster than soil in the ground, meaning that you can plant earlier using this convenient design. Harvesting is easier too; raised beds don't require as much bending and stooping as those in the ground. Bottomless design; use of a liner and/or weed blocker fabric is recommended (not included). Assembly required.


  • Raised garden bed made of durable wood accommodates plants of different root depths
  • Three tiers are 6", 11" and 16" deep to suit a variety of plants from lettuce to tomatoes and more
  • Compact garden bed can hold more plants in less space than in gardens in the ground
  • Soil warms up faster in a raised bed than in the ground, so you can plant sooner
  • Reduces bending and back strain - less weeding and work required
  • Required less water than gardens planted directly into the ground
  • Weeds are less likely to encroach into raised beds