String of Pearls - 4"


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String of pearls is a very special plant. Under your proper care, it grows fast, cascades out of the pot and may become very dense, which will become an eye-catching scenery in your home.

Care tips

Watering. Nothing is more important than watering for caring the string of pearls. The plant is very sensitive to overwatering. Do not intend to make it grow faster or better by giving it more water. It may kill the plant. Water a few days later when you see the soil surface becoming dry. Water thoroughly every time to avoid nonuniformity and then drain the pot quickly. Do not soak it for an extended period of time.

Soil. Like other succulents, string of pearls thrives with well-draining soil. If you use regular peat based potting soil, add 1/3 of perlite or sand to further improve its aeration capacity.

Light. String of pearls likes bright indirect light indoors and in a shaded area when growing outdoors.

Temperature. String of pearls is not frost-tolerant. Move it indoors when the temperature drops below 50°F.

Repotting. You may want to repot your string of pearls to a large pot when it becomes dense and long. In the beginning, it is better to have the “strings” spread on top of the pot rather than dangling down from the pot. In this way, more roots may develop to lay a firm basis for the plant to grow on.