Reflective Markers


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Driveway marker helps to spot the edges of the driveway even during dark and adverse weather conditions. This reusable marker is lightweight and free from dust and maintenance. It features strong spike base that makes ground installation easy. It features highly reflective double reflectors for excellent visibility at day and night.
  • Auto impact-resistant
  • Flexibility of fiberglass rods minimizes the risk of impact damage
  • Highly reflective double reflectors
  • Made from styrene, which outperforms other marker's reflective quality
  • Excellent visibility day and night
  • Reflects like a real light at night
  • Strong spike base
  • Easily and firmly anchors markers into all types of ground
  • Easy to install, simply hammer the sturdy spike base into the ground
  • Sturdy fiberglass rod combined with a composite resin providing many years of durability in extreme weather conditions