Pro-Mix Strong & Resilient Grass Seed - 1.3kg


You have moderate experience in lawn maintenance and you're looking to grow one that can withstand all kinds of activities and stresses?

PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed is just what you need! It's a 5 in 1 mix containing premium grass seed, Surestart™ nutrient coating for a fast start, Moisture Boost Plus™ for better water absorption, an active nutrient blend for thicker, deeper roots, and Soil Booster™ for a richer soil and healthier lawn.

This product will put up with high traffic, playing, heat, drought and disease, day after day. PRO-MIX Premium Strong & Resilient Grass Seed, for lawns that were meant to be enjoyed!


  • Highly resistant to various stresses such as drought, high traffic and pets
  • Fluffy roots that are deeper and thicker
  • Will grow in the sun or shade