Orchid w/Ceramic Pot - 5"


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Enhance your living space with this ready to display orchid. Comes in an assortment of colours with mulit stems in a 5 inch decorative, ceramic pot. The beautiful blooms are perfect for any room, office or reception area. These orchids are also a great gift idea that will bring a smile to everyone's face and will cheer up any space. An orchid is known for its elegance and architectural shape. Orchids do not need as much water as people usually think. In fact, they only use a few ounces of water every 7-days to 12-days depending on the humidity. Orchids also love to be misted in the morning to raise the humidity around the orchid. Orchids can hold their blooms for over a month and then the leftover spike can be trimmed to prepare the plant for the next spike or spikes. Orchids will normally only flower 1-year.