Lion's Mane Mushroom Grow Kit


Lion’s mane are a delicious edible mushroom.  Within weeks you will enjoy your first crop of delicious gourmet mushrooms.  Simply cut open and mist daily! 

Everything you need to grow your Lion's Mane mushrooms can be found inside the box including a fully colonized mushroom substrate, spray bottle, instruction sheet and a few recipes.

These lions mane mushrooms will grow fast! Spray the substrate 2-5x per day with water and they will be ready to harvest within 2 weeks. You can expect the grow kit to fruit lion's mane mushrooms 2-3 separate times!

Lion's mane is a fascinating mushroom; it is both highly nutritious and medicinal. It has low calories, zero fats and is a good source of protein and vitamins like potassium and iron. The main reason people have fallen in love with eating lion's mane is its ability to increase cognitive function. Scientists have studied its ability to reduce the effects of Alzheimer's and dementia and it has also been used to help treat anxiety and depression due to its ability to help improve mood.

Lion's mane is not only healthy but it also tastes great! It is very versatile in the kitchen and has a similar texture and flavour to crab or lobster, especially when cooked in garlic and butter. However you can cook it with any spices and it will hold the flavour well.