Hummerbar Hummingbird Feeder


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Looking for a new experience in bird-feeding? Then try Perky-Pet's patented 2 ft Hummerbar, a hummingbird feeder with a unique horizontal design that offers a whopping 22 feeding ports! Filling the Hummerbar is easy. Just hang the feeder and adjust the hanging cords until it's level. Double check the end caps for a proper seal, then remove the stopper, insert the funnel and fill it about half full. If you see some leaks, check again to make sure it's level and try not to over fill it. After leveling and filling your Hummerbar Hummingbird Feeder, just sit back and wait for your hummers to find this amazing new food source. It's the ultimate hummingbird experience!
•16 oz nectar capacity
•22 feeder ports
•2 ft long
•Patented horizontal design
•Feed more hummingbirds at once
•For your porch or patio
•Port spacing permits side-by-side feeding
•Time saver -- Fill just one feeder
•Easy to clean
•Cord locks keep feeder level
•Rubber caps seal tight