Home Pawprint Kensington Switch Mat


Do you like to decorate and need a way to keep your house clean?  Then this Home Pawprint Kensington switch mat is just what you need.   Kensington mats are completely unique in that they are only 28” x 9” and can be used were dirt is tracked in the most.   They can be used as a stand alone mat or used in one of the available Kensington trays.  

Features of this Home Pawprint switch mat include:

  • Crafted from coco husk fiber
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Designs printed directly on the mats with fade-resistant dyes
  • Interchangeable mats to be placed in Kensington trays and bases; currently three styles to choose from
  • Coir mat material is natural, durable, and long lasting
  • Ideal choice front door or high-traffic areas because they trap dirt particles
  • Switch mats are easy to switch out seasonally

This Home Pawprint switch mat doormat has an actual size of 28.25”W x 9.25”H x .59”D.  You can view your mat will look like as a stand-alone mat or in the various trays that we currently offer by clicking on the images above. The various switch mat trays when used in conjunction with your switch mat give you a final dimension of 30” x 18” which is a standard doormat size.  Since the mat is crafted from natural coir, some shedding is to be expected.  Shake off excess fibers or use a soft brush to gently sweep.