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Basil variety with a sweet aniseed smell with a hint of licorice. Annual plant that does well in warm climates. Cut off the inflorescences to prevent the plant from becoming bitter and to promote vegetative growth. Often used in Asian cuisine

There are a lot of uses for curry plant: Chopped fine it compliments mild dishes and ingredients like eggs, yogurt, mild cheeses and even fish. It enhances vinegar blends and makes a nice garnish, too. If you think you might like to try making an herb wreath, swag or even potpourri, curry plant will look and smell nice there as well. Growing to a height of about 30 inches or so, curry plant looks like a cross between lavender and rosemary. It has soft, gray-green foliage and produces small yellow flowers. It may require staking, especially in a windy location or a spot that sees a lot of foot traffic like a tree lawn.

This Southeast Asian native is often used as a coriander substitute in Vietnamese cuisine. It adds a lemony coriander flavor to fresh salads, summer rolls, soups, and salads. In Zones 10 and 11, it can be grown outdoors in a moist, semi-shaded location as a perennial. Elsewhere, grow it as an annual or in a container to bring indoors over winter. The silvery leaves often develop a maroon blotch that makes the plant quite ornamental.

LIGHT Part Sun, Shade
HEIGHT 1 to 3 feet

6 to 10 inches