Herb Greenhouse Kit


Windowsill 10 jumbo pellet herb greenhouse kit.

Grow your own chives, parsley and basil with this complete kit that includes a carrying tray, humidity dome, chive, parsley, and basil seeds and ten 42 mm coir pellets with that expand simply by adding water. The assembled kit creates a moist and humid environment for the seeds to thrive, while the coir pellets retain moisture for the roots as they need it. The small footprint fits perfectly on your windowsill or kitchen counter for easy access when cooking and seasoning.

  • Designed for windowsills, but fits into virtually any space to allow for gardening anywhere in the home
  • Jumbo pellets and organic coconut fibre formula ensure excellent results


  • Seed
  • Organic coconut coir fibre grow pellets
  • Tray
  • Humidity dome