Hardy Fig Assorted



‘Chicago Hardy’ Figs are easy to grow and high-yielding!  This hardy shrub produces medium-size figs with a light brown to violet skin tone in late summer to early fall.  Figs are packed with nutrients and the fruit inside is the color of a strawberry.  Figs have a rich sweet flavor, and jammy texture, delicious eaten fresh or dried.  They are also often used in sauces, on pizza, or stuff them with nuts or cheese for a tasty snack!

‘Chicago Hardy’ fig may be added to the landscape for a unique accent with its beautiful fruit and unique foliage.  The striking leaves of this plant are similar in shape to oak leaves and medium green in color.  These fig plants are also excellent for planting in pots and bringing indoors during the winter months.

In colder climates, plants may die back and then resume growth in the spring, producing fruit again. The plant may also be protected with a layer of leaves or mulch around the base of the plant.

  • Self-pollinating
  • Drought Tolerant once established
  • Excellent for containers

Little Ruby is our only truly dwarf fig variety, which makes it perfect to grow in containers! This fig produces delicious bite-sized fruit that’s super sweet. Great for lunch or to snack on the go. Produces very high yields even though it remains incredibly compact. Top to promote lateral growth. As an added bonus, fruit has a “closed eye” when ripe, which means the fruit resists splitting. Self-pollinating.

Grow glossy purple fruit, enjoyed fresh or dried! Fruit is medium-sized with a mild flavor, high sugar content, and white flesh. The pulp is light amber to light red when ripe. Tree is a vigorous, upright grower. Highly productive. Pest- and disease-resistant. Louisiana State University introduction. Grows well in containers! Heat-tolerant. Ripens from July through frost. Self-pollinating.