35L Earth Safe Coir Potting Mix

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From rooting media for cuttings and seedlings, to potting mix for containers and baskets and even a lawn top dress coir is very versatile. This organic amendment can also improve both sandy and clay based soils, making it a great option for all gardens.

Directions for use:
Use alone or with your favorite mix: rooting media for cuttings and seedlings, potting mix for containers and hanging baskets, organic soil amendments for heavy or sandy soils, lawn top-dress.


Coconut Coir: Aged and fresh water rinsed, this premium source of coir is a great amendment to work with. 
Liquid Organic Soak: Coir tends to lack nitrogen and calcium within it’s fibers. Coco Earth™ is soak in our Earth Safe™ Tomato and Vegetable 3-3-4 +2% Ca to ensure this material is ready to use in your garden and will not fix fertilizer that you apply to it after planting. 
Worm Castings: There is little in the organic world as useful and as powerful as worm castings. Worm castings are full of plant-available nutrients and biology carried in a rich humus beneficial to all soils and plants in the garden.