Catmint Seed Packets - Nepeta Mussinii



Perennial: A bushy plant with mint scented grey green leaves topped with blue flowers in early summer. Plants grow to about 45 cm (18") tall and at least as wide. Quite drought tolerant.

Sowing: Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Press seed into growing medium but do not cover as light aids germination. Keep at 20C (68F) for the 14-21 day germination period then grow on under bright light, harden off and plant outside after the danger of frost has passed. Sow directly outdoors in spring for bloom the following year.

Comments: Catmint flowers attract bees and hummingbirds. Will attract cats but to a lesser extent than catnip.

Approx. 400 sds/pkt.