Aimers International Chinese Broccoli Blue jade Hybrid (Gai Lan) Seed Packet


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Blue Jade Hybrid Chinese Broccoli. Variety originated in China. Vigorous plant with uniform growth. Thick green stems with rounded glossy blue-green to deep green leaves. Produces small flower buds when mature. Flavour is quite similar to broccoli. Tender young shoots and greens can also be harvested.

Light Requirement: Full Sun
Planting Method: Direct Seed
Growth Habit: Sturdy
Days to Emergence: 7 - 10
Days to Harvest 45 - 50
Height: 20 - 30cm (8 - 12in)

Direct sow seed in a sunny spot every two weeks from early spring to early summer or later in summer for a fall crop. Harvest stems just before flower buds open. Will provide multiple harvests. Typically used in stir-fries. Planting Depth: 6mm (1/4in). Seed Spacing: 12.5mm (1/2in). Thin to: 20cm (8in). Row Width: 45cm (18in).