9" Cascade Bonsai - Assorted


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A bonsai makes a dramatic artistic statement no matter what shape the artist chooses, but there is something so striking about the cascade style.

That elegant arch and gracefully sweeping trunk evoke images of an old, wind-battered survivor clinging to the edge of a cliff.

Cascade is a style of bonsai where the tree bends, arching over the side of its pot.

There are two types of cascading style bonsai: cascading and semi-cascading. With the former, known as kengai in Japanese, the apex of the tree extends below the container that the plant is growing in.

Trees in the latter category, known as han-kengai, extend below the top of the container, but the apex doesn’t extend below the base.

You can work on training your bonsai at any time of year, but new growth emerges in spring and younger growth is easier to train, with less risk of breakage.

Water from the top. Let soil dry slightly, but not completely in between watering. You can check level of humidity, by simply inserting a toothpick deep into the soil, next to the roots. Water again when dry. Water it more often in the hot season.

Keep your plant in warm location, with bright, but indirect light. Provide good air circulation.

Fertilize monthly with general fertilizer, but only use half of what's listed on the label. Do not fertilize right after pruning.