6" Assorted Bonsai - Intermediate


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Bonsais need a lot of light, plain and simple. And even if you live in a sunny location and place your plant by an east-, south-, or west-facing window, you may still need a fluorescent or high-intensity light to meet its lighting needs. 

These plants are called tropical for a reason. Our homes usually do not provide a humid enough environment for bonsai trees, but there is a work-around. Consider placing your bonsai on a humidity tray, mist your tree, and allow warm air to circulate through an open window.

Don’t water just because. Make sure you monitor your tree’s soil so it doesn’t get too dry. For some trees this may be daily, for others, multiple weeks could go by without needing to water. It’s wise to use a moisture meter to avoid over-watering. When it is time to give your tree a drink, let the water soak all the roots until water runs out of the drainage holes in your pot. 

Indoor bonsai need warmth. In general, room temperature is ideal and it’s wise to avoid placing your plant in a location where temperatures dip below 50 degrees. If you live somewhere with cold winters, be careful about putting your plant near a window or door when the temperatures drop. If you are going out of town, set your thermostat to a healthy temperature for your plant. Subtropical types can handle lower temperatures, so make your choice wisely based on your environment.