5"HB Tradescantia Callisia Rosita


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The Callisia Rosita Tradescantia is a stunning variation of the creeping inch plant. It is primarily pink with a light green on the tops of the leaves broken up by pink stripes. Can produce flowers which are green, pink and cream in colour! 

Type: Tropical 
Height: Up to 8in
Spread: 18in - 24in
Light: Bright Direct or Bright Indirect
Water: Moderate/Low
Zone: 11-12
Pet Safe: Non-Toxic, but may cause an allergic rash in cats and dogs. Great feeder for reptiles!

General Maintenance: Does not need to be repotted often (just when rootbound). Trim any brown leaves.
Temperature: Room temperatures that average 18-24ºC and no lower than 15ºC. Avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes.

Light: This plant can tolerate full sun. It does require bright light to thrive, so it needs some direct sun throughout the day.

Watering: This plant does not like to be overwatered, so only water when it is on the dry side. 

Fertilizer: Use a balanced feed to encourage the foliage to look healthy and more attractive. Feed once a month from April - August.Soil: Any well-draining soil will work.