HP Calathea (Proven Winner)



Medallion is a part of the Calathea Family and originates from Brazil. The massive leaves make it massively good at cleaning the air. It is kind to pets and small children and loves long walks in the sun. With some sun and some shade it is at its best. What's truly remarkable about this Calathea is the closing of the leaves at sundown and the opening at sunrise. It welcomes the world with open leaves every day. What a great example for all of us just-one-more-minute snoozers.

Frequent water needed
Once every two years
35 cm tall
Bright north facing, no direct sunlight
Not toxic 
Once every two weeks in summer

Calathea leopardina is a prayer plant, the common name for plants that tend to fold their foliage as night falls. Prayer plants include plants in the following genera:  Calathea, Maranta, Stromanthe, and Ctenanthe.  Calathea are grown for their beautifully ornamental leaves. The base color for leopardina is a bright, almost lime-green. Along the midrib of each leaf are green stripes that extend almost, but not quite to the edge of the leaf. Other names for this plant include 'Zebra Plant'. 12-24", Low light

The Calathea Ornata is definitely a rare beauty with her solid, dark purple leaves that almost look painted on with their thin pink stripes. The Ornata is pet friendly and prefers a bit of shadow so she’s the perfect choice to lighten up an otherwise boring corner. Fun fact: She’s also known as the Prayer Plant because she closes her leaves at night.

Proven Winners is a trademark signifying top quality inputs used to create exceptional plants. Calathea Ornata White Star is a plant you can spot from across the room, with leaves so densely covered in beautiful white stripes that the foliage is more white than green.

  1. Proven Winners quality
  1. Perfect for any room or office

Proven Winners is a trademark signifying top quality inputs used to create exceptional plants. Calathea Orbifolia's gorgeous leaves are adorned by silvery bands of striping that further accentuate the texture of the foliage.

  1. Proven Winners quality
  1. Decorative pot included
  1. Perfect for any room or office

An elegant and highly decorative Calathea. Glimpses of the burgundy colour on the velvety stems and underside of the leaves provide a pleasing contrast to the green of the smoother leaf tops.

Light: Tolerates a shady spot but will do better in a brighter area. No prolonged direct sunlight!

Water: Calatheas like their soil to be damp at all times and won't want to dry out between waterings. However it does not like to sit in water so ensure any excess drains away. Water should be room temperature - rainwater is idea or tapwater that has been left to stand overnight.