2.5" Hoya Crimson Queen


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Hoya Crimson Queen is a slow-growing tropical plant with a trailing growth habit making it perfectly suited for hanging baskets or shelves where their beautiful foliage can be easily seen. Its wide leaves are rounded with vibrant green colouration, and stark white variegation around its edges. In addition to this beautiful foliage, Hoya also produces clusters of soft pink blooms in the spring; though this particular species isn't a heavy bloomer. With the right amount of patience and care, these slow growers will be sure to make a statement on the edge of a shelf or in a hanging basket.

These plants need filtered or dappled sunlight. You would want to place them in a well-lit room with windows, but away from direct light. A sunny window with sheer curtains is also a good idea.

Plants with low to medium water requirements need at least once a week of watering. Water these plants when the soil feels dry to touch.