2.5" Cactus Opuntia Assortment


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This collection of easy-care, drought-tolerant cacti offers excellent texture, color, and quality. Like non-spiny succulents, cacti are often described as geometric, architectural, and sculptural. Getting into a staring match with cactus spines can be quite a fascinating contest. Spines are not the only thing to love. Cacti produce some of the prettiest flowers in the plant world, with vibrant colors that attract pollinators and humans

These very cool assorted cactus are in plastic round 2.5" containers, ready for your collection or to give as a gift!. A little sun on a window sill, or in a planter on the patio or in the ground in the yard, these little cacti are fun.

  • Light: bright indirect light (south facing windows are best)
  • Water: water only when the soil has dried out (usually every 2 weeks, less during winter)